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To improve indoor air quality and the environment by developing and commercializing sustainable technologies


In a world facing ever-increasing virus-related threats, dangerous levels of pollution in our water sources and sustained challenges to water supplies brought about by climate change, it is our commitment to be at the forefront of this battle and dedicate our resources to provide solutions for these challenges facing humanity.

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Improve air filtration and personal protective solutions for a world facing ever-increasing virus threats,

  • 6M global covid-related deaths

  • $16T impact to the global economy

  • Unknown economic effects

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Improve filtration technology to remove water contaminants such as microplastics and heavy metals.

  • Estimated daily intake of 462,000 plastic particles for adults

  • 1,410,000 plastic particles for children

Harvesting Vegetables


Improve efficiencies by reducing water wastage and develop sustainable energy solutions for the agricultural sector.


  • 2q (quadrillion) gallons of water used each year

  • 60% is wasted through inefficient processes


Steel Jupiter is committed to providing a higher level of protection for masks and air filters. We use NOVEL technology to decrease water waste in agriculture and combat drought as well as filtering contaminants out of the water, stop food waste and turn these contaminants and food waste into graphene. We also implement low-cost methods for generating hydrogen fuel.



Steel Jupiter’s core technology Zinnia improves air filtration systems and personal protective masks through a simple and elegant applied technology.. Contact us for details about Zinnia's capabilities and stats.

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contaminants REMOVAL

Steel Jupiter’s focus on technology to remove microplastics and heavy metals from water starting on year 3 for a year 6 target deployment. Technology also in research & development stage. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Water Filter Maintenance


Steel Jupiter’s focus on technology to greatly improve water efficiency capabilities starting at year 2 for a year 5 deployment. Currently in research and development stage. Contact us to learn more about our water conservation capabilities.


Science Lab


Our coating has been tested on many different types of materials. We continue to test our coating using independent testing organizations for proof of performance prior to launching our product.



Our proprietary coating (patent-pending*) added to face masks, respirators, and air filters improve the capability to remove contaminants from the air. 


energy efficient and easy to use

Zinnia is simple to use.  Materials used to make masks and filters are pre-coated.  no extra work for mask and filter manufacturers or end users

Energy efficient and cost-effective. Does not require additional energy, maintenance or capital investment by end users

research & development


Get to Know Us

Steel Jupiter is focused on the well-being, and prosperity of all people on the planet.

Early in 2020 when COVID-19 began to wreak havoc across the globe — as millions of people became infected and millions more were put out of work — a group of world-renowned researchers and industry experts from the U.S. and Europe came together. They assembled with one goal in mind: to better prepare the world to manage pandemics now and in the future.

Experienced business leaders, partnering with leading researchers have formed Steel Jupiter to bring the first of these next generation FXI technologies to the world market.

The proprietary FXI coating technology that Steel Jupiter is commercializing offers an innovative approach to improving indoor air quality. Researchers working with Steel Jupiter have put this technology under rigorous testing, both in the lab and as-built environments.

Steel Jupiter will work to distribute this coating around the world affordably and easily accessible.

SJ Technology


Mask, Respirator and Air Filtration Media coated with FXI Coating

Traditional mask, respirator and filtration media rely on pore size to block out viruses. Virus particles can be as small as 0.125 microns, which is smaller than the pores of average media, allowing virus particles to squeeze through. Our FXI coating collapses virus or bacteria droplets — the primary way airborne viruses spread — onto the coated fibers of the media. Once the droplets are collapsed onto the fibers of the mask, respirator or air filtration media, the viruses are trapped in the fibers regardless of size.

For masks, the coating allows for the highest level of protection, while improving comfort through the use of more breathable and wearable fabrics. Masks coated with the product can be easily cleaned and reused, increasing cost-effectiveness and reducing environmental impact. The coating provides a low-cost alternative to expensive melt-blown media and other technology currently available in high-efficacy PPE (e.g., N95).



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